Our House is a Very, Very, Very Nice House
Hello, there! This is a blog with nice houses (hence the name) and nice interior decoration. Feel free to submit (relevant) pictures or other (relevant) blogs to follow and promote. This blog is run by Gina (theoceanisfortools) and Emily (hautefenestration).

We take no credit for the photos published unless otherwise noted.
Anonymous asked: no, it's not "your blog, you'll do whatever you want." it's called "fuckyeahnicehouses" and NOBODY follows it to see your personal bullshit. you have a personal blog. do that THERE. i dont understand why such dumb people have to be behind good urls.

it IS my blog because i RUN this blog


i don’t understand why such dumb people have to be behind anon faces

OH WAIT it’s because they’re dumb

anyway if you’re just going to be a little bitch and whine about it

have the goddamn url

i’m deleting it anyway

okay i was ON MY PHONE

i didn’t realize some of the stuff was reblogging to this blog instead of my personal

can you stop with this now


it’s MY blog

if you have a problem, start your own nice houses blog

and anyway when i ask for help from my followers (referring to my nice houses blog) none of you even tried

and obviously i’m not getting any respect from any of you

so fuck it

it’s my blog

so i’m going to delete it since a lot of you are jerks

you don’t have to leave rude messages

i was on my phone

it was an accident

don’t be rude

Anonymous asked: Can you please not post things that dont have to do with nice houses?

first of all that was an accident

if you don’t like it sorry

don’t tell me how to run my blog